Having the conversation that needs to be had. Telling the stories that aren’t being heard. Everyone has a story about the Covid 19 vaccines; good and bad. Even those who haven’t had it. We want to hear and share those stories. 

Rod Humphris, the landlord of The Raven in Bath, who clashed with Keir Starmer on lockdowns, is taking the Needle Bar Bus around the UK. He and his team, including a film crew and a fully stocked bar, are setting off in November and will travel around every corner of the United Kingdom, going wherever anyone would like us to go. 

There will be no route and no set end date. While people want to talk, we want to be there to listen; recording and sharing as many stories as we can. Your donation will help keep the Needle Bar Bus on the road for as long as possible.

Thank you very much for your generosity towards what we believe is a very important listening project. 

You can find out more by emailing stories@needlebar.co.uk and keep checking into www.needlebar.co.uk to watch more stories and track our journey.